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A Few Words About Me

Helping people has been a passion of mine for many years. I hold an Associate’s degree in Human Services and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I'm a Certified Professional Life Coach and a member of the International Organization of Professional Life Coaches.


My life experiences, education, and employment history have allowed me to; perform a variety of tasks in my roles, work with diverse populations, and be successful in helping many. 

I assist people in creating positive changes in their lives, and through making these positive changes allows them to experience a more fulfilling and happier life.


I promote positive change & growth within my clients by helping them to; recognize their skills and dreams, refocus on their life goals, and move past any challenges that may stand in the way of obtaining these goals. 

More About Me...

I perform volunteer work annually for the Big Five Charity Ride, raising awareness and funding for our local Domestic Violence Program.

I come from a family history of Addiction and Recovery. I've been involved in and familiar with Twelve Step Programs. In memory of a dear friend, who tragically lost his life to addiction in 2016, I became part of the ShatterProof community (A national organization raising awareness & funding to shatter the deadly stigmas of addiction). In addition, I joined a local organization and currently hold a position on the Board of Directors for Matt's Mission - Ending The Stigma Of Drug Addiction. 

My personal commitment to these organizations are to reduce the stigma around substance abuse disorders and their treatments. I firmly hold the belief that “addiction” is a family disease, “one person may use but the entire family suffers and should be included in the recovery process."