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The Cosmic Heart Wounded Healer's Daily Oracle Messages

 Welcome to The Cosmic Heart Wounded Healer's Daily Oracle  Messages...

It doesn’t matter who you pray to or believe in, whether it’s God, Spirit, The Universe, Your Higher Power, Buddha, Archangels, or your Spirit Guides, etc.… It’s ALL GOOD HERE!

If you see any orbs of light in my videos, feel free to leave a comment below my video with a time stamp of the time you saw the orb(s)!

A Little Bit About Spiritual Orbs:

All the orbs of light in my videos are kind, positive, and loving. These orbs could be our spirit guides, angels, or our loved ones who have passed on, up in Heaven. They are just a sign that spirit wants to communicate with us. They just want to let us know that they are always with us and have our backs.


I Hope everyone watching my videos finds inspiration, encouragement, and motivation to manifest all your goals and dreams. Oracle cards have helped me get through a lot of tough times in the past and I hope they do the same for all of you. They are also an awesome way to connect and receive messages from Spirit, your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

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Thanks for all your love and support in advance.

Sending you all much love, peace, & positive vibes!

Sherri Pentzien (Cosmic Heart Wounded Healer)

 (Life Coach & Owner of Savannahsmiles Life Coaching)