3 Main Zodiac Signs Everyone Is Talking About & What They Mean

In my previous blog, I talked about your 3 main zodiac signs and how you can discover them. If you need to go back and revisit, or if you want to discover your 3 main zodiac signs, I have provided the link for you at the end of this blog.

Furthermore, today I would like to discuss the 3 Main Zodiac Signs Everyone Is Talking About & What They Mean. Just to quickly recap, your 3 main zodiac signs are your sun sign, moon sign, and rising (also known as your ascendant) sign. Your sun, moon, and rising (or ascendant) signs collectively, all represent the essence of who you are as an individual. Independently, your sun, moon, and rising signs define different parts or aspects of you. However, combined, they describe who you are as a whole person.

Moreover, your Sun sign signifies your personality, your individuality, and your sense of identity. Not only does it represent how you view yourself, but how others see you as well. In addition, your sun sign represents your ego, life force, consciousness, and your will power. Overall, it describes your present self, your appearance, and your basic attitude towards life. It is worthy of mentioning that the sun remains in each zodiac sign for approximately a month, and takes one year to travel through all twelve zodiac signs.

However, it only takes the moon a month to move through all the zodiac signs. The moon actually stays in each zodiac sign for about two and a half days each month. Your moon sign represents parts of your inner self, your internal personality, such as, your subconscious and emotions. Additionally, your moon sign indicates your nurturing qualities, intuition, family roots, and your childhood. Furthermore, your moon sign reveals your emotional responses to situations, and how you process your emotions when interacting with other people.

To conclude, your rising or ascendant sign is the mask you show to the rest of the world. Your rising sign is especially important because it is the starting point of your natal chart. A rising sign changes every two hours and is where the eastern horizon was located on the day you were born. Moreover, your rising sign represents the certain part of you that wants other people to see first. It is the first impression of ourselves we give to others. In addition, your rising sign signifies your goals and what you are moving towards in life. It might be helpful to think of your rising sign as your future self since, your sun sign represents your present self.

No worries, if you are finding it a bit challenging to understand how the entire concept of astrology works. Everything will start coming together soon and will make much more sense, I promise. Once you have taken the time to do a little more reading, you will catch on in no time.

Until next time… Sending you much love, peace, & positive vibes,

Sherri Pentzien (Life Coach & Owner of Savannahsmiles Life Coaching)

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