AstroScope Weekly Forecast/Pick-A-Element! - Feb. 1, 2021!

Let’s talk AstroScope! Get the scope on some Astro alignments and energies taking place this week, and what it all means! Pick-A-Element (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water), and get more insight and messages from Oracle. What does the Universe want you to know?

Make sure to Watch my next Video! I will be doing a card reading for All 12 Zodiac Signs to make the reading more personalized for you!

*** I've listed time stamps below for Pick-A-Element.

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*** Let me know "Your 3 Major Zodiac Signs" or if you're a Fire, Earth, Air, or Water Element in the comments!

**** If you see any orbs of light in my video, leave a time stamp below!

To learn more about the Elements: "Which Element Describes Your Personality: Fire, Air, Earth, or Water?"

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Time Stamps for PICK-A-ELEMENT:

Fire: 4:35

Earth: 10:26

Air: 15:07

Water: 20:18

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