Self-Sabotaging & What’s Holding You Back!

Self-Sabotage is when you consciously want something, but subconsciously make sure you don’t get it. We may be doing it and not even realize that we are doing it.

Some of the ways we might tend to do this is by sabotaging our self-esteem, our relationships, plans & goals, or our hopes & dreams.

Although, there are many different reasons for doing this. It’s common for a lot of us to self-sabotage when things start going really good for us. We tend to get used to a certain level whatever it might be - finances, love, success. When we push past that certain level, we allow our fears & own sense of worth to scare us into going back to what feels comfortable & safe.

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. When we self-sabotage we hold ourselves back and end up creating roadblocks for ourselves. We end up getting in our own way.

Let’s take a look at the cards and get some insight on how you might be standing in your own way.

Your 3 Major Zodiac Signs are your Sun, Rising or Ascendant, & Moon. The most common zodiac sign everyone already knows about is their Sun sign. However, everyone has 3 Major Zodiac Signs! These zodiac signs messages are the ones you need to listen & pay close attention to in the video...

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Time Stamps for PICK-A-CARD:

Crystal Quartz: Card 1 - 19:58

Amethyst Pyramid: Card 2 - 20:39

Hematite: Card 3 - 21:01

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Self-Sabotaging & What’s Holding You Back!

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