What Other Challenges or Obstacles All 12 Zodiac Signs Can Expect! - 2/3/2021

What Other Challenges or Obstacles All 12 Zodiac Signs Can Expect! - 2/3/2021

Let’s talk AstroScope! A recap of some astrological alignments and energies taking place this week, and what it all means! Then we will get some more insight from the oracle and find out What Other Challenges or Obstacles All 12 Zodiac Signs Can Expect!

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*** I've listed time stamps below for all 12 Zodiac Signs (Aries-Pisces).

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*** Let me know "Your 3 Major Zodiac Signs" or if you're a Fire, Earth, Air, or Water Element in the comments!

**** If you see any orbs of light in my video, leave a time stamp below!

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Time Stamps for All 12 Zodiac Signs:

Aries: 3:52

Taurus: 9:32

Gemini: 13:03

Cancer: 16:09

Leo: 19:49

Virgo: 23:53

Libra: 28:22

Scorpio: 32:03

Sagittarius: 35:38

Capricorn: 39:41

Aquarius: 43:00

Pisces: 46:35

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