Why Millions Of People Work On Developing Their Emotional Intelligence

The term “Emotional Intelligence” first came about in 1964, also known as EI or EQ. The term did not start being popular until 1995, by Daniel Goleman. Nowadays, countless experts consider that a person’s EQ is more significant than his or her IQ. In addition, emotional intelligence is believed to be the best in predicting not only the best person suitable for the job but, the quality of our relationships, success, and even a person’s overall happiness.

For example, a person is able to communicate better, reduce his or her anxiety and stress, improve relationships, experience conflict with less difficulty, empathize with other individuals, and successfully overcome many of life’s challenges. Emotional intelligence has an effect on the quality of an individual’s life because it affects his or her behavior and relationships.

With this said, a critical part of a person’s emotional intelligence is self awareness - the ability to recognize and name the emotions you are feeling.

People who possess higher emotional intelligence learn to develop self awareness. These types of people are very in tuned with their emotions; they are able to recognize and name the emotion they are feeling when they are feeling it. For this very reason, they don’t allow their emotions to rule over them or control their lives, since they work through their feelings; as opposed to ignoring or not validating their own emotions. They attain self confidence, trust their intuitions, and make good judgments because they have the ability to use their intellect and feelings to access situations.

A person who has a higher emotional intelligence is willing to do the work, and takes a real honest look at his or her self. People learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and make improvements in areas needed so they can enhance the way they perform. They have a genuine positive self regard, are caring about others, however also at the same time they set and maintain boundaries in order to protect themselves.

Challenge of the day: Recognize and name any emotions you are feeling. Ex. sad, angry, frustrated, excited, happy, etc... (For some this might be a simple exercise, but to others it may be a bit challenging). Just do the best you can and keep practicing.

Sending you much love ❤, peace, and positive vibes,

Sherri Pentzien – (Certified Professional Life Coach & Owner of Savannahsmiles Life Coaching)

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